Flexible Quick Connect

Flexible Quick Connector

4 1/16” 10K PSI // Main data
Hydraulic remote operated quick connector is designed to be used during well intervention work, as a connection tool for flexible hoses. Utilizing the flexible quick connector will reduce several hours of rig up time and increase the HSE significant with less work at height, less pinch point and less work in red zone.

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Remote operated lock open check valve

3 1/16" 15K PSI // Main data

The remote operated lock open check valve is designed to be used during well test and well intervention operations to prevent any unintended fluid return to cement unit or any other high pressure / high volume application where you should avoid getting contaminated fluid back. The ROLOC-V design makes this the best suitable check valve for high pressure operations in the marked. The valve is designed such as the flapper, seat and seal area will be protected when it is in locked open mode, making it ideal for pumping operations where you have fluid with high solid and proppant content.

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